General Information

Private boarding and day school "Vyatichi" was founded in the year 2000 and successfully conducts educational activities for over 12 years.

Our school is open all year round, including holidays and weekends.

Boarding school "Vyatichi" is located at 97 kilometers from Moscow to Simferopol in the merge in an ecologically clean area of Moscow and the Kaluga area. 13 hectares of pine forest in the territory of the school pension continue to Barsukovskogo reserve forest. The nearby town is the sleeping area of the Moscow Science Town, the population of which are related to science and their family.

Boarding school "Vyatichi" is a complex for children, in which there is dining room, Sports Hall, swimming pool, medical offices, as well as the academic building, outdoor Stadium and athletic fields. Building for the children equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest and good homework. Children live on two, three, or four people in a room under the watchful eye of educators and teachers. The territory is guarded 24 hours a day at school with the use of video surveillance systems.

Private boarding and day school "Vyatichi" is cooperating with the Moscow Aviation Institute (national research University), Moscow humanitarian institution name E.r. There, as well as the International University in Moscow. Teachers of higher educational institutions prepare students for entrance examinations under the special program, ensuring the flow of our graduates in the most prestigious universities of the country.

Special attention is given to schoolchildren from harmful isolation of large cities, excluding the manifestations of child cruelty against each other and the use of drugs by students.

Most of the students in our private school children from the Moscow region who will remain on the weekends and holidays at our boarding school. For all other children organized shuttle service to Moscow and back on the tour bus.

Understanding and loving teachers and educators create comfort psychological climate and favourable environment for creative life and good learning. Children organised by the leisure and sport and health-improving activities, including a swimming pool, a music school and the Dance Studio.

Boarding school "As" efficiently and adequately provide medical monitoring and preventing students from a wide range of diseases.

The educational process in the boarding school "Vyatichi" meets all world standards and successfully competes with other boarding schools.

Boarding school "Vyatichi" is a multiple winner of the regional contest "100 +1 best products", laureate of the Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia". Our boarding school is included in the all-Russia book of honor, and is the winner of the regional scientific-practical Conference.

Our students annually take part in all-Russian competitions "Russian bear-linguistics for all 2-11 classes," Kangaroo "5-11 classes and receive diplomas of winners and prizes.

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You can find additional information by phones: 8 (919) 039-24-26.

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