Educational process

The educational process in the boarding school "Lilac" meets the requirements of the academic standards of education in Russia, keeping the best traditions of the Russian school. Our boarding school is open for public education programmes combined with special features: computer literacy, foreign languages, rhetoric, ethics, aesthetics, psychology, basics of economic theory and business.

Training is carried out according to the following steps:

In addition to the standard basic training programs, deepened study foreign languages and informatics. From 1-St class is taught in English, with the 5-th class is German. For students who have difficulties in learning English, math or other subjects are offered individual extra classes. Admission to the school is year-round. In order to determine the level of knowledge and personalised curriculum, students are tested and interviewed. Number of pupils in classes of up to 10 people.

At each stage of training teachers solve tasks in accordance with the age of children and adolescents.

Primary school teachers ' main task is to build motivation to training activities. "Teach children to learn!" is a complex task and it's only professional teachers, and only such teachers work at boarding school «Lilac». It is formed instructional skills in elementary school children's successful senior classes. A child must learn with pleasure, to enjoy learning, to school. Teaching staff school achieves this through the use of modern methods of teaching. The new methods is the personality of the child, his talent and individual qualities. In elementary school, in addition to the approved State programs, the guys start to learn English. Special attention is paid to primary school teaching loads and control the mass sports and work. All children do massage, they visit the pool, with classes on exercise therapy for the prevention of posture and flat feet.

In high school, the focus is on the individual level of each student. A differentiated approach depending on the level of knowledge, personal characteristics and training of students to achieve good results in their studies. Personality-oriented approach used in the work with students of all levels. The school atmosphere of cooperation to achieve good results, especially in working with teenagers. It is in this age there are processes of self-determination and choice of life. The environment is important to a teenager, the circle of his interests. It is no secret that a teenager is very easy to fall under the influence of the Group and it is very important that during this difficult period for a teenager with him were interesting, educated teachers and peers focused on cognitive and creative activities. Students are engaged in the programme for Government. The fifth class is German. Special attention is paid to specialized disciplines, computer science, foreign languages. Achievers are additionally.

The high school is in the process of professional self. Students are given the opportunity to study core subjects. The choice of a direction of a student due to his abilities, interest in certain activities, knowledge of the profession. Are, of course, and the wishes of parents. Taking into account all the factors listed for an individual training program. Special attention is given to high school students in the school for University. the school cooperates with several academic institutions. Thus, the technical direction presented by the Moscow Aviation Institute, and the humanitarian- Moscow humanitarian institution name E.r. There, the International University in Moscow , etc. The school with the students in teachers training data, which helps ensure students enrolling in the school.