Conditions for admission

In the boarding school "As" children with good intellectual capacity and high motivation to learning were successful at the interview. Admission to pre-school group (six years) and in 1-11 classes is possible only upon availability.

List of documents of the school admissions:

  1. Personal file of the student
  2. In the case of a pupil during the quarter — extract with estimates from the previous school, stamped
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Passports of parents or guardians
  5. Insurance policy
  6. Vaccination card (form # 63)
  7. An individual card of the child for school (form No. 26)
  8. Certificate about absence of contact with infectious patients, within 21 days (provided at school or at the place of residence pediatrician).
  9. Access to the pool from the dermatologist + CAL I/g, scraping at the e/b.
  10. 4 photos, size 3 x 4