Boarding school contact information

Address: 249185, Kaluga region, Zhukovsky district, g. Kremenki str. Peace, 17

Phone: 8 (919) 039-24-26

E-mail: school@vyatichi.ru

How to reach:

GPS coordinates: latitude, longitude, 54.884819, 37.110760

Simferopol highway after 96 km turn right towards the "novelties".

Straight 10 km until you reach the junction with Bridge, passing under the bridge turn to the left towards Serpukhov ".

Then after 3 km turn right towards Balabanovo (before the crossing will be the gas station).

Straight 10 km until the signpost "Obolensk»-turn to the left.

After travelling 2 km to circular motion.

The first exit on the right.

Next 13 km direct, always on the main road to the t-shaped crossroads (protvino) at the traffic lights under the arrow turn right.

Just 6 km to the town of "Kremenki".

At the junction of straight 300 m up to the first right turn.

Turn right and cross the 100 m to the crossroads, then turn left under the pointer "Lilac."

You are spot on. We are glad to welcome you.