In ecologically clean area, the 97 km from Moscow, in a pine forest in the territory of 13 hectares of land is boarding school «Lilac». This is a modern complex with classrooms, computer rooms, a library, the Zoological Museum, sports facilities, Stadium, swimming pool, cinema, fine dining, sleeping and medical buildings, car park. This is a private campus, with constantly running protection. There are 3 post security with video surveillance.

The school is located in a historical place, next to the estate of Russian enlightener e. r. There, a member of the Russian, Stockholm, Berlin, Èrlangenskoj scientific Akdemij.

Yekaterina Romanovna Dashkova believed this place one of the most beautiful in the world! Beautiful nature, clean air, the bells of the Church-manor houses and ancient park create a unique atmosphere that allows children to adapt successfully to a new school environment. This land is famous for memorable places and wonderful people, connected with the life and activity of p. l. Chebyshev and k. e. Tsiolkovsky, generals of m. Kutuzov and Zhukov.

The motto of the sanitary, educational complex «Lilac»-"health, knowledge, creativity and comfort!". Provide a learning environment to best take into account the individual characteristics, aptitudes and interests of the child, make the learning environment to home is such a challenge to teachers of the complex.

Корпус для проживания в частной школе-пансионе ВятичиStudents live in a separate building for 2-4 people in the room in accordance with the age. High school students-for 2 person, students in lower grades for 4 person. The rooms are equipped with everything you need for rest and preparation of homework: beds, wardrobes, desks, bookcases, chairs, a mirror, the hygienic area. Toilets and showers are located on the same floor.

Students may be here not only from Monday to Friday and stay there all week. Saturday and Sunday are rest program for them, teachers are constantly working with them.