Mathematical mosaic

This program circle in mathematics for students 6-7 classes based on the Federal component of the national standard of basic general education.

The relevance of this course is that the students are understanding of mathematics, about the historical roots of mathematical concepts and characters, the role of mathematics in human culture.

General description of the subject

Mathematics-"Science of science". Mathematics-handy, even universal, tool descriptions of the world. And applied mathematics, the mathematics of practical, topical-oriented goals and needs, is not only a means of cognition, but also a means of influencing the world around us.

The present stage of development of society is characterized by a sharp rise of its culture, the modernization of general education, so priority is given to the contribution of mathematical education in the personal development of the individual. Development, especially in the areas of precision and clarity of thought, intelligence, will, and · dedication in search and decision-making, the ability to navigate in new situations, the application of knowledge, ability and desire to continually learn, creativity and autonomy.

Mathematical education should obey the common goal: to ensure the acquisition of mathematical skills and knowledge, develop logical thinking and prostranstveinoe imagination to form a view on applied mathematics, features information on the history of scientific development, to identify educational inclination and the preferences of the students.

The content of the course allows students of any level of teaching to engage in teaching and learning and to prove himself, so when the focus is not so much on acquiring additional knowledge on the development of students ' ability to acquire this knowledge alone, their creativity on the basis of your knowledge.

Classes take place in the form of a conversation based on individual communications students. The training is expected to require implementation of practical tasks. The classes are generally used methods in mathematics, as well as the problematic form of training. Emphasis is placed on independent work of students, more attention is being paid to the individual work of students.

Issues covered in the course, go beyond the school curriculum, but nevertheless closely adjacent to it.

Classes in a circle will contribute to the improvement and development of mathematical knowledge and skills, an interest in the subject, understanding of the role of mathematics in human activity.

The mug:

Challenge Cup:

Program is designed to prepare students before profile of middle managers.

Course type -a cross-curriculum.

The program contains only 68 hours, classes are of a practical nature: the theoretical material is 1/3 of and practical material-2/3 parts.

Training methods and techniques:

Information, analysis, research, observation, experiment.


Form controls:

Independent work once a semester, the final standings.

Expected result

By the end of the study of course mug assumes:

  1. Development obŝeučebnyh skills and techniques of cognitive activity of students;
  2. Mastering by students at a higher level of common of logical thinking: analysis, comparison, synthesis, organization, by a decision of their respective tasks and exercises that complement the main course;
  3. Improving the mathematical development of students as a result of increasing their knowledge on the basic course;
  4. The formation of students ' interest in mathematics during the receipt of additional information.