The young computer artist

The process of creating a computer image is significantly different from the traditional concept of "drawing". Using the photo editor on your computer screen, you can create complex multi-color tracks, edit them, changing and improving, to enter into a drawing different font elements receive based on compositions of the finished printed products. By automating the creation of basic forms-ellipses, rectangles, triangles and fill operations created forms and other tools to create and edit a picture it is possible to create a complex figurative compositions of children.

The objectives of the programme

To create this course is the formation of the artistic culture of younger students, imparting of skills of work with computer graphics and a sense of communication and interaction with the art life (for example, advertising, television, book graphics, indgraphics, etc.). Development of creative approach to art.

Tasks are intended to

  1. nurturing students ' aesthetic taste;
  2. the development of artistic taste, creative imagination and thinking skills of students by means of graphic images;
  3. instilling a love of art, development of cognition through computer graphic.

The content of the course

The first year of study (5:0 pm)

Rule of conduct and technology bezopasiosti in the computer room (1:0)

Familiarity with the Cabinet, with the rules of conduct in Office. Demonstration of computer and directly what they would do on a mug.

The computer and its devices (2:0)

Learn about your computer and its basic equipment. Work with the training "little genius".

Working with the mouse and open the program (2:0)

Educational game "of color and form.

Creative workshop (3:0)

Training program "the dreamers". Fill objects. A picture of objects.

Paint (9:0)

Introduction to graphical editor, its main features, tools of the program. Menu of the program. Compilation of images on specified topics.