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The introduction of a new build tools, text in the early stages of schooling can help create more favorable conditions for the development of an independent writing and correction of deficiencies in children. However, there is a natural question: is it possible to use a text editor to teach primary school children.

The use of computer technology gives the child a unique advantage: he may edit a text, and not taken out of the movie, constantly analysing how much better his writing is influenced by each change. Traditionally used in text editing tools (rewrite and correction of mistakes) do not give the child the possibility. Thus, the third argument is that, thanks to computer technology offers much-needed children to edit text in any aspect of the holistic (meaning, the structure, lekemko-grammatical design, style, etc.). It is particularly important that the use of computer technology to improve the text required for building and operation, subordinating their meaningful work on the text.

The Purpose Of

Contribute to the development of skills in editing, a set of texts on the computer, and then use this skill in the development of written language, as well as the preparation of drawings, letters, commendable sheets, booklets.

Tasks are intended to

At the end of the study course the students already have a text editor, typing skills, edit it, change the font, font size, font style; use different types of paragraph alignment (right, left, Center, justified); can use the WordArt as well as the simplest shapes. To determine the readiness of students in vnestandartnyh (new) environment is a task on which the children had two lessons: make a greeting card for any occasion (23 February, 8 March, St. Valentine's day, birthday, etc.).

Word Editor Tekstoryj (5:0 pm)

Keyboard (2:0)

Klavnaturnyj training Simulator (4:0)

Text editor Notepad (4:0)

The word processor Word Pad (4:0)

The word processor Word (3:0)