Lecture "my town"

School history lecture "my city"

Before the "Brain-ring" goes the following preparatory work:

  1. Class teachers help children prepare for the contest "submission instructions": select name, motto of the team, etc.
  2. Under the guidance of teachers, guys choose one of the Fables of Krylov, proposed for the lecture "the Patriotic War of 1812, in literature and art", and prepared the mock.
  3. The children in advance to prepare a tour of their hometown.
  4. Homework-learn poems devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812 onwards.

The script for "Brain-rinra»

Competition view commands " (name, motto, etc.) (0.5 points).

After the command, the učasstniki took their places at the two tables. Each team must be at 6-8-čelovke. To signal readiness to answer a question on the ctolax are kolokol′čuki,

signal boxes, etc.

Presenter read out the rules of the game:

The game takes place in three rounds for 7 issues. For each correct answer, the team during 1 minute, is awarded 1 point. If the teams do not give the correct answer to a question, the question of neredaetsâ viewers. The correct answer is awarded the "order of the Viewer". With the highest number of "orders" gets at the end of the game nriz. At the end of the round nrovodâtsâ contests, for nobedu in which the team nrisuždaetsâ -1.5-0.5 points for each. While the competitive nrovoditsâ jobs contest fans. The nravil′nyj response to vonros cheerleader gets "order", and his team to further 0.5 points.

The noise at the table nodskazki from the audience, the team loses the right answer, and it is deducted 0.5 points.

I round-the history of Maloâroslavca (by 1 point for 1 issue).

  1. Give full name and therefore the grandson of Ivan Kalita, a cousin of Dmitry Donskoy, the first reference in the name of a small town-fortress on the banks of the River Pools.
  2. Name the Prince, whose name is associated with the highest flowering of gopoda in the 15 century.
  3. List the name of the city in which we now live.
  4. List the names of urban districts. Which ones were the most abundant? Justify your answer.
  5. Description of the coat of arms of the Maloâroslavca.
  6. In whose reign and in the year Âroslanec Small received a coat of arms and became a County Center?
  7. What are preserved in the city streets, named after standing on their churches. What are the names of these streets now?

Team competition "Historical Dictionary (0.5 points for a win).

The teams are the sheets. Assignment: write the names, titles, expressions associated with the history of our city. Hanpimep: Kazan BOR, Černoostrovskij monastery, city and so on.

Contest fans (for each correct answer the team score of +0.5).

  1. Nazovšpe you ûvestnyh names of Russian generals.
  2. What are the names of famous you French marshals.

II round-year 1812. Maloâroslaveckoe battle (by 1 point for the question).

  1. Name the date of commencement of the Patriotic War of 1812 onwards.
  2. Name the date of the battle of Borodino.
  3. What was light and heavy cavalry in the Patriotic War of 1812 year?
  4. Troops of the French kornusa and under whose command the first evening of October 11, 1812 Maloyaroslavets took years?
  5. A Russian corps and under whose command first went to the city on the morning of October 12, 1812 year?
  6. A Krylov fable tells the story of Napoleon's invasion of Russia?
  7. Name the author of the picture. Which event she nosvâŝena? (Vereshchagin. "On the Borodinskih Heights").

Music competition (General).

Sounds like Overture and Tchaikovsky

"the year 1812. Job: name of the composer and his works. The first, which gave the correct answer, brings his team to 0.5 points.

The team competition is a re-enactment of the fable. "

Team homework-show dramatization of one of the Fables of KRYLOV. The best mock gets 1.5 points, the other-1 score.

The team competition is "poetic."

Team members are reading poems devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812 onwards. For each poem team gets 0.5 points.

Team competition "Polymath" (0.5 points for a win).

Interviewer reads aloud the text with the military and historical terms, names, etc. The team wrote the words on the list. The team that WINS will hear more in the right words.


Bragin M.

On the border of Russia Russian army concentrated.

(Excerpt from the book "a formidable time").

To protect its borders, Russia to the shores of Neman, Russian army approached.

Its soldiers are always known for their courage, resourcefulness, perseverance in the battle. The sons of b, loving their country people have always been peace-lovers and do not like wars. But the Russians have always climbed the war against foreign invaders threatening Russia. In just wars for my country Russian troops committed miracles of bravery.

Russian Cavalrymen were excellent horsemen, famously cutting swords, aptly shot from his horse, the horse was still terrible blows long Pikes.

The most famous jockeys were Russian Cossacks. Cossack on horseback is agile and quick in exploration, victorious in the attack, is fearless and cunning nri oxpane troops in the pursuit of the enemy is swift, elusive at the retreat.

Russian Marines were in defense, determined to attack.

Russian Gunners were fearlessness nered any attack by the enemy, never gave the enemy's guns.

Russian soldiers heartily and mightily loved his motherland-Russia and fighting for it not spared his life.

Competition cheerleaders (+0.5 for each right answer points command).

Fans demonstrate military thumbnail. The job is to answer questions: English or French? Infantry soldier, Trooper or gunner?

III round-Monuments and namâtnye place in Maloyaroslavets (by 1 point for the question).

  1. What the churches have seen Maloâroslaveckogo battle?
  2. A monument to the war of 1812 in Maloyaroslavetz, lost, 30-ies of the century?
  3. What's in the Pictures are the names of the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 year?
  4. What are the monuments of the Patriotic War of 1812, were open to the 100-th anniversary of the battle in October 1812 Maloâroslaveckogo year?
  5. Name the town square, where there are monuments to the two Domestic wars: the monument to the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, and a monument to the soldiers who died in the great patriotic war.
  6. What is the namâtnaâ Board, now lost, was on the Saints of the blue gate Černoostrovskogo monastery?
  7. The chapel was built whose funds?

Team competition: Chajnvord. (0.5 points for accuracy and speed).

Teams are čajnvordy. Time 2 minutes.

Summing up. Award ceremony.