Health and sports

In a private boarding school "As"physical culture and sport is important. We regularly and widely used sports games for the development of the motor function in children, forming a moral-character, while strengthening resilience to grind out a collective organization, increasing discipline and inner self-organization. In the process of sports games for children are having positive emotions, with a beneficial effect on the functional activity of the organism. Our middle and high school students are actively involved in sports activities of local and regional scope.

The main objective of our school-board-education of physically healthy individual with a high level of culture, morality and developed intelligence. Therefore, we use special techniques and health-saving technologies to provide effective personal growth of each student.

Multidisciplinary disease prevention, including physiotherapy, massage, EXERCISE THERAPY and swimming poolprovide a favourable environment for the health of students and the high level of hygiene. All organizational and methodical activities of our boarding school designed to maintain a healthy body and healthy spirit of our children.

<Бассейн для детей в частной школе-пансионе ВятичиEducators and teachers of the private boarding school "As" work closely with parents to build an effective communication strategy. Assistance and psychological support in every situation helps svoeremenno find the right exits and smooth solutions. This joint vzaimodejtsvie allows children to acquire the skills analysis of the personal behavior to correctly use their own experience, and repeat the same mistakes in the future, increasing level of responsibility to ourselves and other people.